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Chandra helped me create my Second Act Business Builders program and helped me price it so that I was able to make back all the money I paid her for my coaching within the first 30 days. 


She instructed me to refocus my marketing efforts so they would be more effective and critique my content to make changes that have a bigger impact.

Angela Lofton Moore, Business Coach

Chandra was precise, direct and down-to-earth with her initial intro. My kind of girl! She kicked my butt every step of the way while seasoning her direct feedback with love and grace.


In just seven months, I went from an idea to my current reality, all thanks to God putting Chandra in my life to give me the hard-loving push I needed. you won’t be sorry you hired Chandra as your coach.

Rolanda Cunningham, Founder and CEO

Prayer and Eucalyptus

Interested in working together?

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Meet The Coach

Chandra Brooks is an award-winning socialpreneur, bestselling author, community leader, TEDx speaker, and founder of The Powerhouse Women™. An advocate for civil rights, an esteemed social justice warrior, and civic engagement extraordinaire, Chandra has become tireless in her mission to inspire and empower women and women of color to ignite a worldwide movement of change and equality.


It is in this relentless and passionate pursuit that she has successfully helped transform hundreds of women into global powerhouses who have grown to confidently live in their purpose while cultivating a limitless and enduring power and authority - many of which have been able to transcend the corporate climate into full-time, purpose-driven entrepreneurial pursuits that have scaled to 6 figures and beyond.


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